Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM)

The social accountability project which is based in Kyerwa District was intended by KADERES not only to support ongoing projects, but also to develop new projects by the villagers themselves. However, the success of ongoing projects was limited due to lack of administration and cooperation of village councils and other institutions. To improve these structures, KADERES started an education program about administration and social accountability in cooperation with ANSAF (Agricultural Non State Actors Forum) in May 2013. Village leaders and council staff, but also community members are taking part in these programs and workshops on project planning, implementation and evaluation as well as documentation.

There will also be a simple guide for participatory rural planning. The objectives of this program are to improve effective participation of the community and to create awareness and understanding of the community rights and responsibilities as related to social accountability.

The proposed project will strengthen leadership and capacities of community leaders including Village Governments and SAM Village Committees. SAM will be scaled up and extended to other villages for the purposes of initiating development hopefully will also spread over in the Karagwe District too, in order to strength collaboration among stakeholders and Government leaders. KADERES is increasing SAM's impact by printing flyers and brochures to disseminate participatory plans and increase accountability among leaders, Continuous use of community radios as a way of raising awareness. Also by founding theatre Groups and useing them as a mobilization strategy and use music and drama groups to educate the community. Assess the possibility of recruiting the youth and children into SAM activities, and train them on Governance, rule of law and accountability. Introduce debates and essay writing competitions among schools. A sustainable and more inclusive social accountability system is needed to build on the current SAM work.