Former Partners

Direct Relief International

Direct Relief International (DRI) is an organization based in Santa Barbara, California. DRI provides KADERES with large shipments of supplies for dispensaries and health centers. Such shipments include medication, advanced equipment and furniture. KADERES is working with the local government in Karagwe to ensure the best possible distribution. This makes the import process run smoothly without any complications from higher government authority. Through its partnership with KADERES, DRI supplied the biggest public health facility in Karagwe, the Nkwenda Health Center, with the necessary supplies and equipment.

You can learn more about DRI's work on their homepage, "www.directrelief.org"

Global Partners

KADERES has been working with Global Partners for Development for over 10 years. GPD donated the funds to build a significant number of water tanks and assisted KADERES in constructing health dispensaries. Twice a year, Global Partners for Development visited Karagwe to see the progress KADERES has made on the projects they sponsored.

For more information on Global Partners for Development, please visit their website, www.gpfd.org